See the beauty of Mio Ishikawa, the emerging beauty born in 2002 of cherry blossom country

 Mio Ishikawa is a new name that only emerged at the end of 2021 and is currently still gaining great traction.

Mio Ishikawa, born on March 20, 2002, started her career as an 18-year-old actress in 2021. Possessing a beautiful beauty with a "waist belt" body and a height of 158 cm, Mio Ishikawa quickly attracted the attention of the public. Currently, the girl who owns 82 - 58 - 86 cm is an exclusive actress of studio MoodyZ.

Right within the first month of her debut, she quickly gained great popularity and climbed to the top of the chart. By the end of the year, she entered the top 50 names with the highest number of discs sold in 2021. She was also rated as the most promising rookie of Moodyz last year. Currently, Mio also has more than 150 thousand followers on social networks.

According to Mio, she previously joined the cheerleading club in high school. Although Mio's club is not a strong team, they have had some success when it comes to getting tickets to the national tournament.

Mio's first anniversary was when she was only 15 years old, and it was also Mio Ishikawa's first love. Before that, she did not know anything about AV, although she was also very interested in "sex". This made Mio feel more comfortable and de-stressed than ever.

The reason why Mio entered the 18th industry was because she wanted to live alone. Besides, she wants to experience what professional people are like. Until officially participating in the first work, Mio felt overwhelmed about this work. If in her personal life, she doesn't know much about these things, her experience and knowledge has increased significantly after entering the AV industry.

After the release, many people came to Mio Ishikawa's personal page and praised her beauty. This makes Mio feel quite happy because she has no idea that she is attracting attention and has people becoming her fans. Currently, the girl born in 2002 is trying her best to become more perfect in the near future.