Everyone is tired, no one is happy

Every year, the Japanese AV industry sees the appearance of thousands, sometimes even tens of thousands of new, young, beautiful, hot girls. Most of them choose this job as one of the fastest ways to become famous, change their lives and own huge incomes, with the most visible success models being names like Yua Mikami, Eimi. Fukada. However, perhaps not many people understand that filming 18 is not a simple and easy job as we think. Even in an interview below, Tsubomi - a once very famous hot girl, has just shocked the community with the statement: "Movie 18 is very tiring, no one is happy".

For those who don't know, Tsubomi, born on December 25, 1987, is one of the most known names in the industry. She is likened to an ageless queen of the AV world when she entered this industry in 2006, and it has been 16 years so far. Tsubomi used to be an exclusive actress of S1 when she first joined the industry, but she moved to Moodyz in 2013. Even after retirement, the hot girl still did not "bleach" the past but also Very excited to reminisce about the past.

Accordingly, having been with the profession for nearly 16 years, Tsubomi has experienced countless works, both easy and difficult. As the hot girl shared, in all works, the atmosphere is always at an extremely hot level. Some works even require hot girls to sweat really. And there is absolutely no technique for these scenes. To be able to portray the most realistic, Tsubomi said that the director had to install 5-6 heaters, stoves to increase the temperature, and when the temperature rose as high as in a sauna, that was when the actors start working.

Tsubomi honestly shared with the rookies

But the actor suffers a lot, the director, filming is much more miserable, when they also have to live in that hot, stuffy environment. According to the hot girl, this is a job that requires hard work, and if the rookies are not "wholehearted" for the job, they should withdraw from the beginning. "Filming 18 is very tiring, no one is happy. All for the sake of work,” concluded Tsubomi.